Are you Tired and Worn Out?  Lack of

Nutritional Therapy combined with Body Cleansing and
Detoxification is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to
return your body to normal functioning, higher energy
and Good Health !

At the Pain Relief Center we offer comprehensive nutritional
counseling and customized planning to address most dietary or
biochemical conditions.  

Dr. Group is a Leander, Texas Registered Dietitian and Chiropractor
with extensive background in nutritional therapy and counseling.  

We offer special low rate consultations to discuss your specific needs.  
During the initial consultation, you will be asked to fill out a
comprehensive Health Questionnaire that identifies key areas of focus
relating to food allergies, dietary insufficiencies or excessive intakes,
potential toxicities and potential health risks.  

We will then customize your dietary recommendations and recommend
specific medical grade nutritional supplementation to address your
specific needs.  

Dr. Group has over 15 years of experience in the field of nutrition with
an emphasis on chronic disease, clinical nutrition, detoxification and
medical nutrition therapy.

We also have a unique four part Body Cleansing and Detoxification
program that addresses these key components:

1- Intestinal Cleansing

2 - Liver and Gall Bladder Cleansing

3 - Harmful Organism Cleansing

4 - Heavy Metal Detoxification

Call Dr. Group, R.D., D.C. Now to schedule your low cost consultation
and pick up your Health Questionnaire to get started      512-260-4020
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